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Entrepreneur Membership (Cinematic Video) – 6 Month


Entrepreneur Membership (Cinematic Video) – 6 Month

৳ 6,000.00

Product details of Entrepreneur Cinematic Video Membership – 6 Month

BENEFITS : K M A TAHER PHOTOGRAPHY CINEMATOGRAPHY aims to collaborate with entrepreneurs to help them for having photography or cinematic video promo making service.

Package Feature :
1. 1-10 Product Cinematic Video per month under the package.
2. Model or object for photography will be provide by the service provider.
3. Member and Seller can plan for their shoot and based on that both parties can take the necessary decision.
4. Date will be fixed subject to Availability of the service provider K M A TAHER PHOTOGRAPHY CINEMATOGRAPHY.

1. Customer will buy Membership Package from K M A Taher website.
2. Entrepreneur can avail this membership to get Cinematography support for their business.
3. Membership will expire exactly on 30/90/180/365 day from the date of activation.
4. Not applicable with any other offers or Membership Package can’t be exchanged for cash.
5. The Membership Package will be activated for service after 21 days of full payment.

REFUND POLICY : Membership packages are Non-refundable, Non-exchangeable, Non-Transferable

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Details Information :

Studio: The two large studios of 3,000 square feet and 2,200 square feet will have at least 20 small or large studios for taking videos with pictures of goods and services. So that there will be a good arrangement for taking pictures and videos of any kind of product starting from yarn and jewelry to huge fridge, car or furniture. In consultation with each entrepreneur, the entrepreneur will be able to create pictures and videos of their services or products by appearing in the studio at a pre-arranged time, which can be monitored by himself or his representative to ensure quality.

Entrepreneur’s Opportunities and Benefits:
An entrepreneur will get the benefit of editing his product or service, including photographs by a few professional senior photographers and video promos by a few professional senior cinematographers. Each entrepreneur can photograph 10-100 products per day. You will have the opportunity to take pictures of 100 products in one day and you will be able to edit them 10 times in 10 days every month. An entrepreneur will have 1-10 product or service cinematic video promos per month and edited by a professional editor. You can create video promos of ten products in one day or 10 days per month. 99% quality assurance in making video with video or product according to its quality. Entrepreneurs will be able to create pictures and cinematic video promos of pictures and their services by editing their products with professional photos and videos by professional models.

Professional photographer :
Every day 10-20 professional photographers will work in our studio. Entrepreneurs will take pictures of 5,000 small or large products. Arrangements will be made to ensure that the 99% match in the photo with the actual picture of their product. One or more professional photographers will give each entrepreneur at least 1-2 hours per day to photograph the product. 4-10 pictures of a product will be made, there will be detailed pictures of the product or service with detailed information to make it acceptable to the customer. Entrepreneurs will be given at least 1000 pictures in 100 unlimited products.

Professional Cinematography :
Every day 10-20 professional cinematographers will work to create video promos of your products, working up to 8-12 hours per day. It will create at least 500 product promo videos every day by professionals. Each product or service will have detailed information and ideas as well as various videos to impress customers.

Photo & Video Editor :
Every day 10-20 professional photo and video editors will work, giving you 8-12 hours. Those who will be editing your product or service with pictures and videos throughout the month. They will have 100% quality assurance in making pictures and videos. Besides, photo editor of some products will do the editing.

Professional modeling or modeling :
In the studio, any entrepreneur will have the facility to take pictures and videos of their products or services from small to large or male and female models. 20-40 models will work every day. Those who have close experience with previous experience. There must be a picture of the product or service with the model or only. Any entrepreneur can model his own product or bring his own model and he has the opportunity.

Special Note :
One lakh small and medium entrepreneurs or online and offline traders will be provided free photography and cinematic video promos by professionals throughout the year. The offer will create a variety of opportunities and facilities for 1 lakh small and medium entrepreneurs in Bangladesh to expand their business digitally, show professionalism and increase its marketing or sales. At least 1 million employment opportunities will be created, jobs will be created or unemployment will be reduced by a large number of manpower in Bangladesh.

Other information :
Every day 50-100 entrepreneurs will be able to create and edit photos and videos and every month two thousand entrepreneurs will be given free product photography and cinematic video promos. Every day 50 newly registered entrepreneurs and 50 entrepreneurs from previous registrations will have the opportunity to take pictures of their products. Every day from 10 am to 10 pm, 20 studios and 100 professional themed photographers will guarantee world-class photography, as well as take pictures of the product with trained or experienced models.


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